SUNY Broome Library Fall 2020 COVID-19 Update

The following resources are to assist you with your research.

Library Home Page

The Library home page is a great place to start! It has links to:

Important! Evaluate Your Sources

It is important to critically evaluate your sources to determine their appropriateness for the topic you are researching. The tutorial Evaluating Information can help with this.

Also Important! Cite Your Sources

When writing a paper it is important to cite where you find your information, quotations, and ideas. For examples of how to format your citations see the following library guide: MLA Style Guide. Also citation tools are available in most databases now. Look for these to help you out.

Places to Browse For Ideas

  • Online access to SUNY Broome's Salem Press collection.
    • Includes:
      • Current Topics
      • Great Lives from History: Inventors & Inventions
      • Great Events from History
      • From Suffrage to the Senate America's Political Women: An Encyclopedia of Leaders, Causes & Issues
      • Human Rights and the United States
      • Ethics: Questions & Morality of Human Actions
      • The Bill of Rights
      • Constitutional Amendments
      • Milestone Documents in World History
      • Milestone Documents in African American History
      • Defining Documents in American History: The Free Press
      • plus more
  • Viewpoint Databases
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context  Includes topic overviews and viewpoint articles. Also has academic journals, magazines, news, videos, and statistics.
    • see "BROWSE ISSUES" (note red arrow, below)
    • then follow links to select an article


  • CQ Researcher  Articles include: topic overview, historical background, chronology, pros/cons. Also includes "Hot Topics."
    • see "BROWSE TOPICS" and "HOT TOPICS" (note red arrows, below)
    • then follow links to select an article


Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles and eBooks

Search Primo (the Library's discovery tool), found on the Library's home page. Primo searches most of the Library's databases at once.

  • How to Find an Article
  • Note: If you are looking for a peer-reviewed article verify it is from a peer-reviewed (or refereed) journal. Also note that the article is not an editorial or book review.


Topic Search - Example in Primo Using "Advanced Search"

  • Advanced search box - enter search


Any field contains:               "environmental justice"      (use quotation marks to searh as a phrase)

AND  Any field contains:       policy

AND  Any field contains:       "united states"

AND Any field contains:        debate OR issues OR controvers*      (capitalize ORs)

Other possible terms: ethic*, debate, controvers*, issuesadvantages, disadvantages, statistics, data

(note * retrieves various endings of term, e.g., controvers* retrieves controversy, controversial)


  • Refine your search, e.g., available online, publication dates, peer-reviewed, resource type, subject (see left side of your results page)

  • refining your search by subject(s) can help (left side - results page)
    • sometimes one at a time works best


  • Selecting and accessing an article (or eBook)
    • select article (or eBook) by clicking on the blue title


  • details record
    • note description of item
    • note the citation tool
    • under "View Online," select a database to access the article (or eBook)
    • follow links to access

More Databases

  • Statista - Lots of charts, graphs, reports!
  • Academic Search Complete  A multi-disciplinary database, e.g., humanities, social sciences, sciences.
  • JSTOR  Includes academic journals, primary resources, and books from many academic fields.
  • More Databases

Primary Sources

Primary Sources is a library guide for locating these types of materials in both print and electronic formats.

  • Milestone Documents in World History: Exploring the Primary Sources That Shaped the World.  For electronic access see Salem Press.
  • Milestone Documents in African American History: Exploring the Essential Primary Sources.  For electronic access see Salem Press.
  • Defining Documents in American History: The Free Press  For electronic access see Salem Press.
  • Constitutional Amendments  For electronic access see Salem Press.



D. Curtin 4/7/2020