Student Task List

What will you be expected to do at the circulation desk? Here is a list of common tasks that are done daily to keep operations running smoothly. You will be trained on each of these tasks by Mark or Jane. After the training period is over, a list of tasks will be posted. You will be expected to consult the list and complete the tasks unless Mark or Jane tell you otherwise.




Professional Development
  • Develop your skills and become the best student assistant you can.  Missing some Office skills? Try these tutorials when it is a slow work day.  
  • Reference Area : Clean computer stations, tables, carrels, shelves. Push in chairs/dispose of trash as needed.
  • Lobby Area: Clean tables, new books shelving, student work station, exit area, doors. Dispose of trash as needed.
  • Second Floor: Clean tables, carrels, shelves, computer stations, doors. Push in chairs, dispose of trash. Straighten books on shelves
Student Survey Count
  • Once every hour, record how many patrons are located in the areas on the count sheet (lobby, reference area, carrels, gallery, etc.)
Shelf Reading
  • Make sure books in your section are in the correct LC call number order.
  • Look for books shelved in the wrong location (reference books in circulating stacks, non-circ dvd in circulating dvds, etc.)
  • Books placed on top of other books, outside of bookends, fallen books
  • Damaged books, or books missing call number labels should be pulled and given to staff to repair.
  • Ensure shelves are neat, clean, and books are aligned with the shelf's front edge.
  • Order and shelve returned books in proper LC call number order.
  • Check magazine bin/book return bin and return items to their proper location.
  • Remember to 'tip' books until you are told to do otherwise. Place a slip with your initials in each book you shelve.
  • Remember the wires at the end of most shelves can (and should) be moved to accommodate more items but do not overcrowd shelves. Instead, move (shift) a few books forward to the next shelf or backwards to the previous shelf.
Circulation Desk
  • Once you are trained on the desk, you will be doing circulation related tasks, e.g., check-in, check-out books, de-sensitize/sensitize library items, check-out inter-library loan items, answer phone calls using appropriate greetings 'SUNY Broome Library Circulation Desk, [name] speaking, how can I help you?', explain library policies to patrons, etc.
Special Projects
  • Projects are varied and depend on library needs. Examples of special projects include: a large shift of books to clear shelving areas, attaching labels to library items, data entry/formatting projects with LRC staff, assisting staff re-classify items, etc.
  • Check-in to this course EVERY DAY you work for new announcements. Work on your Career Folder assignments--resume, LinkedIn, and EVERY DAY you work, on your Work Journal.
  • Properly recording and submitting your webtime is part of your job. Not recording/submitting webtime results in extra work for the staff of the library and payroll office--in addition to the fact that you will not be paid if time is not submitted.
Maintain professional conduct
  • While not really a task, maintaining a professional atmosphere in the Circulation area (and elsewhere) is an important part of your job. The Circulation Desk is the first and last area of the library patrons see--to many, it IS the library. Remember to treat patrons and staff with respect and behave in a calm, dignified manner.