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  • Get acquainted with CRJ databases
  • Learn about citation tools
  • Learn about plagiarizing

 Criminal Justice Databases

1.  Library > complete list -> under "databases by subject" -> criminal justice and corrections -> 3 listed (Criminal Justice Collection, NCJRS, New York State UCR Juvenile Arrest/Criminal Activity Data)


2. Other databases that contain criminal justice journals:     
 Library  -> complete list -> under "database quick picks"

  • Academic Search Complete
  • Science Direct
  • Opposing Viewpoints – Click “Academic Journals” to limit search.  Use keyword hints.

3. Statistical data:

Works Cited

4. Citing your sources
    The Library page provides 2 guides to read, print, or download   

    There are also more comprehensive sources on the web:

    The OWL can answer just about any possible question on paper writing issues.

5. Don't plagiarize! Visit Purdue University's OWL (Online Writing Lab): or
Duke University for explanations and how-to's.