How to Find an Article

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Search for an Article

From the library homepage, select the Articles tab:

Image of article quick search

If you are looking for a specific database or database subject, you can click on the Complete List of Databases which will allow you to select a database by name, or to browse by subject.

Databases will have a simple search where you just enter your query in the search bar provided

An advanced search will allow you to narrow in on key words and ideas, giving you more refined results

Boolean search lets you search using the terms AND, OR, and NOT to better define your searches

 Image of boolean search


You can also specify the publication type and the dates of publication

Image of search filters

I did a simple search for the word ‘crows’. This is one of the results, search term is highlighted

It tells me what type of result it is, in this case an Academic Journal, and basic citation information. To read the full text, I would click where it says PDF Full Text on the bottom of the result.

Get a Copy of the Article

Clicking on the title of the article will take me to the abstract: an outline of what the article contains, and tools that will allow me to view the PDF (if available) as well as email or print the article.

Image of article abstract

If I did not see any results that I wanted during my initial search, I could refine my search from this screen, using the tools on the left.

Image of how to refine the search

How to get the Article if BCC does not own it 

If the result I have selected is not available in full text, there will be a different link to the left side, under the detailed record, where you can look for or request a full text copy.

Image of Find Full Text

Clicking on that link will start a search for a full text version of the article. If none are found, I can request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

Image of Serial Solutions

To request through Interlibrary Loan, click on the request form link, and log in on the following page. If I have not created an Interlibrary Loan account, I will be prompted to create one before I can request materials.

Image of Illiad