How to Find a Book

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Search for a Book

From the library homepage, select the Books/Media tab:

Image of quick search box

For a quick title query, you can do a search right from this page. Enter the title, change the drop-down menu from Keyword to Title, and hit search.

If you are doing research on a topic and do not have a particular title in mind, click on Advanced Search. Advanced Search allows you to refine your search by combining search terms across different fields.

Image of the advanced search

For this example, I did a search using the terms “Edda” and “Prose” in the Advanced Search. Both terms were selected as Keywords.

Search result

Locate a Book

This is one of the results I received. It shows that it is in the library, and is a circulating book (it can be checked out). It can be found on the second floor of the library using the Library of Congress Number listed.

Example call number

Tip: If you have trouble using call numbers, please see the How to use a Call Number to Find a Book guide.

If you see a due date after the call number, it means the book is checked out to someone else, and will not be on the shelf.

Image of book with due date


The following is an example of an eBook. They can be read by clicking on the ‘Access eBook’ link.

Image of an eBook

A book in the Reference Collection cannot leave the library. Reference books are located on the first floor of the library. The search result for a reference book will look like this:

Image of a Reference book

Finding Books at other Libraries

On the left hand side of the search screen, you have the option of changing the breadth of your search. You can limit your search to the BCC library, expand to involve BU, or expand further to include other libraries you can borrow from.

Image of change libraries

A book that is not available at the BCC library will show a GetIt button on the result.

Image of a book that BCC does not own

Clicking on the title will bring up more information on the book, as well as a list of libraries it is available at. For example, this book is available at BU.  You can either go to BU and borrow the book (bring your ID card), or borrow the book using interlibrary loan.

Image of a book available at BU

Borrow Books from other Libraries

You can borrow a book from another library using Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad). Click on the GetIt button on the book result:

Image of a book available at another library

On the next page, click on the link for the Interlibrary loan online request form

Image of the interlibrary loan link

If you have not created an ILLiad account, you will have to make one the first time you use it. Then, every other time, you will just have to log in after clicking on the request form link and send the request. Interlibrary loan requests can take a few days, but the closer the library is the quicker the turnaround generally will be.