How to Find a Journal, Magazine, or Newspaper

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From the library homepage click on the Journal A to Z tab

Image of journal quick search

If you are looking for a specific journal, you can click on the A-Z Journal List which will allow you to search by words in a journal name or to browse by subject.

Image of title search

Doing a search for Nursing, for example will bring up a list of results which will look like this- listing all journals with ‘Nursing’ in the title and the databases in which the included articles can be found, as well as the date ranges for those articles.

Image of title search results

Not all dates of publication will always be available. Some journals have what is known as an embargo, so most recent issues will be available in print only. For example, Nursing & Health Sciences has a one year embargo.

Image of embargo

Clicking on the database name will bring you to a screen which displays details for the result

Image of eJournal

If you are looking for a specific date or issue, clicking on the + next to the year beneath ‘All Issues’ will allow you to narrow down to particular volume and issue.

Image of years available

You can also choose to search within a journal by selecting ‘Search within this publication’ from the top of the detail screen. Your search results will then be limited to the scope of the selected journal.

Image of searching within a journal