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Choosing a Topic: Databases

These databases will provide basic information and tools to brainstorm ideas.


Tips on how to narrow the scope of your topic

  • What people are involved?
  • Is there a particular place, country or location that is involved?
  • When did it happen?
  • Why is your topic important?
  • What interests you about this topic?


Narrow your topic using additional search terms. Example: social inequality and united states and sociology

How to Find Articles

There are different types of article databases.  Some are multi-disciplinary and others may provide more depth on certian social problems.  The best database for you depends on your topic. The list below contains links to guides created by librarians that focus on databases related to specific subject areas--choose the guide that best fits your need for additional article databases.  

A few databases to start with:

Popular articles


Databases by Subject

Evaluate and Cite Your Sources

Trade, Popular or Peer Reviewed Article? 

Evaluate for accuracy, etc

Citation Tools (update in progress to reflect changes in library catalog - see a librarian for questions).