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APA PsycBooks

Significant in scope and depth, APA PsycBooks offers the most current and only comprehensive collection of full-text scholarly and professional books published by APA. Providing a pathway through the evolution of psychological thought, APA PsycBooks gives students, researchers and educators access to high-quality, DRM-free publications in psychology and related fields.


∙ Monthly updates

∙ More than 67,000 book chapters and more than 4,500 peer-reviewed books

∙ Recent and historical titles, with the earliest record from 1620

∙ The newest APA books as they are published

∙ The entire reference book series APA Handbooks in Psychology®

∙ Exclusive electronic release of APA/Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Psychology



Research Instruments for Practical Use

Professionally indexed, APA PsycTests makes it easy to download select ready-to-use research instruments, including a wide range of reliable measures never made commercially available. Extensive coverage along with thousands of research instruments makes APA PsycTests an ideal starting point for researchers initiating new research projects.


APA PsycTests indexes a wide variety of test types and instruments including aptitude tests, personality scales and cognitive functioning measures.


Research instruments available as PDF downloads or multimedia files

Select measurements available in more than 40 languages

Coverage spanning more than 100 years, with a strong emphasis on current research instruments