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Name Title E-mail Phone Number Office
Paul Bond Instruction and Outreach Librarian 607-778-5239 L-107
Dana Curtin Liberal Arts & Physical Sciences Librarian 607-778-5249 L-108
Amanda Hollister Systems Librarian (607) 778-5609 L-202
Amanda Kerila PT Library Clerk 607-778-5020 L-100
Cindy Micholychak Senior Account Clerk 607-778-5787 L-100A
Robin Petrus LRC/LAC Director 607-778-5201 L-106A
Noah Roth Electronic Services Librarian 607-778-5528 L-110
Ben VanTol PT Technical Assistant II 607-778-5043 L-100A
Erin Wilburn Access Services Librarian 607-778-5269 L-100A